Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

At Intertech Building Services, we are dedicated to providing cleaning services at the highest quality and standards to meet your expectations. As a member of the better business Bureau with an A+ rating, we clean windows by hand inside and out, even removing bars if required.

Window cleaning is an extremely cost-effective method of making a big difference in the look and feel of your commercial environment; absolutely nothing looks better than clear, clean windows. Intertech Building Services will clean your windows with some good elbow grease, specialist strategies, and the right mix of cleaning agents. We are happy to provide our services to those living in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver areas of Richmond, Burnaby, and Vancouver, among others.

One of our favourite tools of the trade we use for window washing is the Ettore method invented by Mr. Ettore in San Francisco in 1905. This method of window cleaning uses a brass holder and a rubber squeegee with a lamb’s wool cover. To clean a window using this method, you first dip the lamb’s wool covered Ettore tool in slightly soapy water and carefully remove the film of dirt from the window and remove the lamb’s wool cover from the Ettore window cleaning squeegee.

You take your window cleaning squeegee and carefully squeegee your window and wipe the corners of your window clean. This is the famous Ettore method. “From 1905 until this day, legend has it that a person can buy an Ettore window cleaning squeegee and be dropped in any city in the United States to pay for his trip back to where he bought the squeegee.”

This is only legend, but we do believe it is true. Intertech Building Services also uses the Tucker Pole System for window cleaning, invented 65 years ago, which consists of a series of attached aluminium poles and can be extended approximately three to four stories with a brush on the end for high window cleaning services. A regular garden hose is inserted on the bottom and an operator takes the brush and cleans the window, usually just on the outside with a tucker pole.

This is not as effective as the skyjack, but is less expensive. You can use this on commercial buildings and strata buildings and still get excellent service. Intertech building services have been washing windows for over 30 years and would be delighted to give you a free quotation at no obligation! Check the Better Business Bureau for our A+ rating!

If you are not pleased with our finished job, please let us know. With our Intertech Building Services’ guarantee, we promise to complete every job to your standards and needs. Simply sit back, relax, and leave all of your window cleaning needs to us.

We are a company specializing in commercial window cleaning and we are dedicated to providing you with impeccable service, regardless of the type of window cleaning needed. Contact Intertech Building Services today and ask for a free quote!

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