At Intertech Building Services, we offer multiple types of cleaning services. We are a professional, Richmond-based cleaning company concentrating on commercial cleaning and upkeep in the Lower Mainland and surrounding communities.

What kind of office cleaning service are you looking for? Window Cleaning? Carpet Cleaning? Initial Cleans? Power Washing or Floor Stripping and Waxing? If you have a commercial office that requires a janitorial service or auxiliary service, Intertech Building Services has a cleaning service for you!

Choose from one of our cleaning services below and submit a quote request form on our webpage and one of our consultants will contact you:

Our services are available for a wide variety of locations, such as warehouses and gymnasiums, among others.

Many health hazards such as skin allergies, asthma, and bronchitis arise from unclean environments. Large furnishings such as desks, tables, cabinets, and office chairs, etc., harbour the most amount of debris, dust, and germs due to lack of circulation of air. They are the ideal host for the most harmful pollutants!

We want to clean your commercial space the way you want and need it cleaned. To do this, we believe it is vital to get to understand you and your business. We recommend contacting us and discovering what services most match your needs. We provide versatile scheduling, last minute reservations, and custom-made cleaning programs. By consulting with you and establishing a custom-cleaning strategy that benefits you, our team can get the job done right, every time. Every business is distinct and we want you to feel secure and assured that your office will look its best for Monday morning and make your business a successful place to work for your employees and yourself!

Intertech Building Services offers a wide array of cleaning services for all of our customers in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a busy executive, personal concierge, real estate agent, property supervisor, entrepreneur or builder, we have an option that will streamline your life.

You can rest assured that each of our highly-skilled staff are checked for criminal history and work references. They care about a clean environment just as much as you, are insured, bonded, completely-trained, and their efficiency is monitored on a continuous basis.

Our customers don’t need to break their backs to keep their businesses clean. Let us do the hard work and provide top-notch results for you! Contact Intertech Building Services today.

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