Auto Scrubbing

Auto Scrubbing

Auto-scrubbing machines carry all types of cleaning applications: from small to large areas of ceramic tile or other floor types. The auto-scrubbing machine is capable of auto scrubbing large surfaces in a very short time. At Intertech Building Services, we have a fleet of auto scrubbers, ranging in size and cleaning capabilities. Whatever your floor cleaning needs may be, we have the machine to get it done right!

When you want to keep your flooring looking brand new, it’s important to invest in the right equipment. An auto-scrubber is an all-in-one cleaning machine: it scrubs, vacuums, and washes floors all in one pass of the machine. When you need a device to keep your floor clean, contact Intertech Building Services for high-performance auto-scrubbing services in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and surrounding areas. We supply options to all your floor cleaning needs.

Auto-scrubbing is an efficient and effective method for cleaning big floor areas in a short amount of time. You know how simple it is for the floors in your commercial space to end up being dirty. Between spills and foot traffic, you may feel like it’s difficult to keep your floors clean. Manually sweeping and mopping wastes a great deal of important time, so the perfect solution is to invest in auto-scrubbing services from our commercial cleaning company, Intertech Building Services.

Some of the floors we auto scrub are:

Medical facilities
Storage facility floors
Grocery stores
Production facility floors
Badminton Centers
Parking Garages
...and much more!

Our professional team has more than 30 years of experience providing customized auto-scrubbing services to our clients in Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. Simply book an assessment with one of our expert team members to experience our service difference. We will always provide our service guarantee to get your job done right, the first time.

During a consultation, we will recognize your company’s needs. Then, we’ll discover the best way to satisfy those requirements. Safety is important—we always use the recommended equipment and apply our product in a ventilated area.

At Intertech Building Services, we have a variety of various auto-scrubbing machines at our disposal for all types of cleaning applications. From auto scrubbers for smaller-sized areas of ceramic tile or other floor types to large auto-scrubbing devices made for scrubbing 30,000 sq. ft. per hour, we have what you need for any size job.

Our cleaning professionals and auto-scrubber devices will produce the very best results for your hardest tasks! At Intertech Building Services, we have successfully been offering commercial, corporate, and industrial cleaning services to the neighbourhoods including Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond within the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver. Our highly-skilled staff will provide your facility with the most extensive auto-scrubbing services, in addition to all other exceptionally cost-effective, trouble-free cleaning and building maintenance services. Contact us today!

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